Mesotherapy Geneva

Presentation Anti-aging mesotherapy or mesolift. A treatment that acts in a global way on the causes of skin ageing thanks to different factors, such as vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants, amino acids and hyaluronic acid. It is a technique of multiple micro-injections that are carried out in the superficial dermis through a very fine needle. Minute quantities of poly-revitalising nutrient complex are introduced throughout the face, especially on areas of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as on the neck, décolleté and back of the hands. According to the same principle, the scalp can be treated to promote hair quality and regrowth.


Treatment of superficial wrinkles and fine lines, skin slackening and loss of tone, dull complexion, dry and dull hair, hair loss etc.


At the beginning of the treatment, one session every two weeks for two months is recommended. Then, one session every two to three months, i.e. 7 to 8 sessions per year.
4.7/5 - (40 votes)
4.7/5 - (40 votes)
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