Medical Detox

This powerful and totally natural treatment will detoxify your body from all toxic substances which are harmful to the proper functioning of cells, meaning substances that cause many diseases such as inflammatory, cardiovascular, cancer or autoimmune diseases. In a first step, a complete medical check-up will be carried out, including:
  • an anamnesis with the specialist
  • a physical examination with BIM
  • a blood test with measurement of the various metabolic and biological parameters, but also a hormonal assessment, a search for heavy metals present in the body and the measurement of the level of vitamins and antioxidants
  • an ECG
  • a radiological assessment as required
Following this check-up and depending on the results of the various examinations carried out, we will propose a fully personalised medical detoxification, based on the latest research in orthomolecular medicine and micronutrition.  


Revitalisation is the logical next step after Detoxification. Indeed, after having Detoxified your organism, it will be necessary to revitalise it! Thanks to a personalised treatment and through the principles of orthomolecular medicine and micronutrition, the different cells of your organism will be stimulated to enter into a process of correction and cellular repair, thus preventing the occurrence of a large number of diseases.  
4.8/5 - (227 votes)
4.8/5 - (227 votes)
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