Medical Detox
A personalised estimate is made during the first consultation, according to the different services offered.

Botulinum toxin injection | from CHF. 390.–

Injection of hyaluronic acid | from CHF. 500.–

Injection of Radiesse | from CHF. 690.–

Treatment of axillary hyperhydrosis, hands or feet CHF. 1’000.–

Volumising lip treatment | from CHF. 500.–

Softlifting | according to quotation

Mesotherapy for face, neck or décolleté | from CHF. 300.–

Anti-cellulite mesotherapy | from CHF. 300.–

Micro-needling for face, neck or décolleté | from CHF. 400.–

Medical peeling with TCA | dès Fr. 400.–

Platelet-rich plasma | dès Fr. 500.–

Cryolipolysis | dès Fr. 675.–

Thread lift | dès Fr. 500.-

An estimate can be proposed during a first visit.
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